Original Factory Hamilton 16 size Elinvar Hairsprings

The best hairsprings ever made!  
These hairsprings were made by the
Hamilton Watch co. in Lancaster PA.
 most likely in the late 1940's or  early 1950's.

They will fit the 992B and other 16 size watches.  
When they are gone they will be gone forever.
 I doubt if they can ever be made again.
Hamilton had the best minds of the time,
and did things then that you can't do today.
 Years ago I sold them and I thought I ran out, but just

recently I found another box full.  

About 35 years ago I knew Doctor R .
 He bought several floors (all the parts and tools from those floors)
of the Hamilton watch company in Lancaster back in the 1970's.

Before the Swiss came and took most of the items to the dump.
I purchased them from him.
This lot of hairsprings came from that collection.

These hairsprings were the best, most coveted and sought after in the world.  
Even George Daniels
used hamilton elinvar hairsprings.  
Used in the famous Hamilton Rail Road Watches they were second to none.

I have about 500 of there springs left.
 I am willing to sell a good many of them, keeping some for repairing watches.

The price is $25.00 each.  That is for ONE hairspring.

$25.00 for one hairspring, not the full box! 

If you need and original Hamilton Elinvar hairspring this is your only place to get it.
 When they are gone they will be gone forever!

$25.00 for one spring