Here is the list in detail for all store policies and warranties.
Please read these entirely.
This is available to view at any time.
You can always contact us with any questions or concerns about the services/warranties we offer.
***It is the customer's responsibility to understand and be informed of these policies and warranties before agreeing to the services we offer. ****

REPAIRS/SERVICES: We provide free estimates on any clocks or watches.
After providing the free estimate and you agree with the repair/service, we require half down of the total amount ​to start the work or we do offer a 5% discount if you prepay in full. Timeframes may vary and change with/without notice due to demand and limited repairmen available. We ask for your patience as some repairs do take a great deal of time to complete and regulate. This includes tall case clocks as we have very limited stands available. You can view the status online through our website at and enter the 8-digit number (including the dash) on the back of your ticket you have been given to check your status or call. After completion of any repairs/servicing, you have within 60 days from the day we contact you to pick up your item and pay in full or we will no longer be responsible for the items left behind UNLESS prior arrangements are made.

WARRANTY ON REPAIRS: There is  90-DAY warranty on all repairs (excludes tall case clocks please see house call/tall case warranty) if the items fail on their own mechanically from the day the item is picked up/received. The warranty does not cover if the clock/watch falls or gets dropped, banged, water damaged or if the person/persons tries to repair the item(s) themselves. The warranty does not cover mainsprings for pocket and wrist watches as they are "new" old stock and cannot say how long they will last.

HOUSE CALLS/TALL CASE CLOCKS: We do make house calls for tall case clocks only if you are within a 25-mile radius from our current store location. In order to schedule the appointment, we Require a deposit of $150.00 that will go TOWARDS the cost of the repairs/servicing of the clock if you proceed with the repairs. This amount is Non-refundable. If you decide to not proceed with the repair/service, this will be the only charge for the time and resources of the repairmen used to pick and return the clock movement back to you. You can always bring the clock movement with weights and pendulum, there is no charge to drop off. After completion of the repairs/servicing on your tall case clock, payment is required for the remaining amount before the clock movement is returned back and set up.

WARRANTY OF TALL CASE CLOCKS: We offer a 30-day warranty on tall case clocks from the day the clock is returned and set up if the clock fails on its own mechanically. The warranty is voided if the clock and clock case is moved from the original location from where it was set up, if it gets banged or falls, water damaged or if the person/person(s) try to repair the clock themselves. If the clock is needed to be repaired again after the 30 days, there will be another house call charge required to be paid prior to scheduling.

WARRANTY ON PURCHASES: We give a 90-DAY warranty on all clocks and watches that are purchased in our store. Please Know this warranty is the same as if it was a repair after picking it up. please refer to the warranty on repairs for more information.

Minimum charge: Our Minimum charge on any repairs with tax is currently $20.00 each.
 This includes watch battery replacements, band sizing and any other repairs.